机器学习是一个令人兴奋的数据科学领域,它依赖于计算算法作为发现新见解的手段, 模式, and connections in the world around us. Instead of explicitly programming a computer’s behavior, we teach computers to forge complex neural pathways that imitate a “thinking” brain. Through its wide-ranging applications, 从语音识别软件到教无人驾驶汽车如何在复杂的交通系统中安全行驶, ideas that were once considered futuristic are swiftly becoming reality.

BS in Computer Science in Machine Learning program focuses on predictive modeling and core machine learning algorithms, as well as on various paradigms such as artificial neural networks and deep learning. 您将探索从自然语言处理到计算机视觉的应用程序,学习从大型分布式数据集得出有意义的结论.

Who Should Pursue This Degree?

机器学习计算机科学学士学位是我们最新的学位,旨在为学生提供更直接的途径,进入数据科学和软件工程交叉领域的新兴职业机会. Long taught as a specialized topic at the master’s and doctorate level, DigiPen的机器学习项目是为数不多的提供四年制学士学位的项目之一. 对于那些想要体验DigiPen其他计算机科学项目同样经过验证的课程,同时又想在数据分析和预测建模方面追求特定职业兴趣的人来说,这个项目可能是一个很好的选择.

As a student in this program, you will:

  • Become a Proficient Software Engineer

    Dive deep into core programming languages as you tackle coursework in data structures, algorithm analysis, operations research, 和更多的.

  • 设计 Your Own Machine Learning Applications

    Become adept at designing, 实现, 并管理机器学习系统,以满足各种应用和行业需求.

  • Gain Experience in a Collaborative Studio Environment


Academic Roadmap

机器学习中的计算机科学学士课程着重强调计算机科学和数学. 虽然该计划的第一年遵循与DigiPen其他理学学士课程相同的结构, 你将很快学习到机器学习的三个主要类别(监督式机器学习), 强化, and unsupervised) and advanced math coursework involving probability and statistics, 数据科学, and numerical analysis. Throughout the program, 您还将与您的同行一起参与基于团队的计算机科学项目,挑战您设计和构建包含机器学习解决方案的创新工具和软件应用程序.

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招生 Requirements

In order to apply for the BS in Computer Science in Machine Learning program, you should have a strong foundation in math, 科学, and problem-solving. 在参加DigiPen之前,你需要完成微积分预科(或同等课程).

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学生 in the BS in Computer Science in Machine Learning program will learn how to:

  • 解决 通过分析现实世界的问题,并确定哪些技术组合可用于提供通用的解决方案.
  • 实现 从基础和高级机器学习算法开始,了解它们各自的优势和目标应用.
  • 理解 the math concepts behind many machine learning techniques and look for optimizations.
  • 提取 meaningful information from raw data.
  • 考虑 the professional, 道德, 法律, and security implications of 数据科学 and its impact on society and individuals.


Undergraduate Preview Day

Saturday, May 25, 2024 - 9:30 a.m. 至下午1:30.m.

Deep Dive: CS Programs

Wednesday, June 5, 2024 - 3:00 到下午4:30.m.

Undergraduate Preview Day

Saturday, July 6, 2024 - 9:30 a.m. 至下午1:30.m.

Meet the Faculty

计算机科学机器学习学士学位课程的教师在专业软件开发和人工智能方面拥有数十年的理论和应用专业知识. 的se are just a few of the faculty who teach core courses in the program.



Potential Careers


的 role of a data scientist is to collect, 分析, and make sense of large amounts of data — finding trends, discovering 模式, and identifying potential new strategies and solutions as a result. 数据科学家经常依靠计算机科学和机器学习知识的结合来设计新的数据分析方法.

Application Analyst

应用程序分析师负责支持和维护公司定制软件基础设施的功能. 特别是, 他们使用这些软件系统和应用程序的知识来诊断问题并确定适当的解决方案.

Software Development Engineer

Software development engineer (SDE) positions can be found in any number of industries. SDE的角色通常是设计和构建计算机系统和软件——要么从零开始,要么修改现有的系统和代码库.

Other Job Titles

  • Software Engineer

  • Software Developer

  • Software Development Engineer in Test

  • Computer Programmer

  • 游戏开发者

  • 项目经理

  • Software Analyst

  • Predictive Analyst

  • Business Intelligence

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